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Struts is an open source application framework from Jakarta. This java tutorials on Struts tutorial help you to develop applications using the Struts framework . Struts tutorials are organised so that as a learner you can understand from the Basics of Struts to Advanced Struts concepts like Struts Spring integration and Struts Hibernate integration. Struts Interview Questions will be helpful for job seekers. Struts PDF guides will help to get more pdf materials on Struts

Basics of Struts

  • What is Struts
  • Struts for beginners
  • Struts Framework
  • Struts Architecture
  • Struts Validator Framework
  • Struts Life Cycle
  • Struts Action
  • Struts Tags
  • Strut Annotation

Advanced Struts

  • Struts Hibernate Integration
  • Struts Spring Integration
  • Struts Interceptors
  • Struts Tiles
  • Tiles tutorial
  • Advanced tiles
  • Struts File Management

Struts Interview Questions

  • Struts Interview Questions and Answers
  • Struts PDF Materials
  • Struts Basics
  • Struts and JSTL
  • Struts 2.0 in Action
  • Struts Tools Tutorial

More on Struts

  • Struts1 vs Struts2
  • Struts – part 1
  • Struts part 2
  • Common Struts Errors
  • Ten things a Struts developer should know