Hibernate Training

Hibernate TrainingOnline Training


  • First Program using Hibernate Framework [Installation]
  • Configuration and Mapping files [by referring .dtd files]
  • Executing first program and debugging and analyzing logs
  • CRUD operations [Bind variables, POJO states]
  • CRUD operations [lazy vs eager, persist(), merge(), load() and get() methods]
  • CRUD operations [Batch operations]
  • Case study [DAO Implementation without annotations, Logging API]
  • Hibernate Project1 [Reverse Engineering using Hibernate Tools]
  • Primary Key Generators [sequence, identity, native, etc], Multiple DBs
  • Associations [one-to-may]
  • Associations [inverse, lazy, cascade attributes]
  • Associations [one-to-one]
  • Case study on Associations
  • SQL and HQL queries
  • Named queries and Criteria queries
  • Second Level Cache

JPA Annotations

  • Reverse Engineering [using Hibernate tools]
  • Second Level Cache
  • Bind Variables
  • HQL queries
  • Associations
  • DAO Design Pattern
  • Data Source (Connection Pooling)
  • Primary Key Generator (Sequence)
  • Logging API
  • Maven