Email Marketing

Email Marketing Online Training

Email Marketing Syllabus:

  • History and evolution of email marketing
  • Email Marketing defined
  • Using email in your marketing mix
  • Reaping the benefits of email marketing

Email Marketing Basics

  • The key components of an email marketing plan
  • An introduction to lists and other key concepts
  • Common definitions in email marketing
  • How to easily define your email marketing goals
  • What you need to know to succeed

LAB: Developing email marketing goals

  • CAN SPAM Laws & Permissions
  • Why permission is the foundation of any successful campaign
  • Becoming a trusted sender
  • Understanding the role of the ISP in deliverability
  • Developing email content in accordance with consumer interaction
  • How to minimize Spam complaints

Understanding Email Service Providers

  • Intro to ESP's
  • Feature sets of different ESPs and what is right for you
  • How to determine appropriate costs of email marketing
  • Fully managed ESP solutions

Designing an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

  • How to come up with broad based objectives
  • Narrowing your overall objectives and organizing your content
  • Determining the proper format of your emails
  • Branding your emails to enhance your image
  • Text emails vs image emails
  • How to handle unsubscribes

Building an Email List & Maintaining Your Database

  • Where and how to collect contact information
  • Deciding on what information to collect
  • Offering incentives to signup
  • Understanding the different types of email lists
  • Building vs buying your email list
  • Scrubbing your lists

Creating Actionable Email Content

  • How to make sure your offers are valuable
  • Writing an effective call to action
  • Finding help with content creation
  • Giving your email content inherent value

Form & Subject lines That Get Noticed

  • Understanding email headers
  • Filling out the from line
  • Using your email address for identity
  • How to write the best subject lines for higher CTRs
  • How to avoid subject lines that look like spam

LAB: Writing effective headlines

    Measuring Your Campaigns
  • Learn the essential types of campaign metrics to track
  • How to track interactions
  • Calculating your ROI, AOV and other important KPI's
  • Google Analytics tagging and integration efforts

The Technical Side of Email Marketing

  • Triggered and automated campaigns
  • Introduction to A/B testing in email
  • Introduction to timing and frequency
  • Ongoing dialog strategies